Kat Hernandez

Happy Wednesday! 

I'm so excited about this session. The COLORS! OH THE COLORS! They are so magnificent and it's everything I love about fall. I met Kat at a family BBQ about a year ago and it was a very simple hello & nice to meet you. Little did we know a year later we'd be working together and creating all this magic. Kat is not only a gorgeous model but she's also a talented makeup artist! We did 3 amazing looks, a bit of a 90's vibe going on and then we just slay you with the red. Well, have a look for yourself.


Soto Family Session

So I had the privilege of photographing my friends Stephanie, Jonathan & their little baby bean Mari. I've known them for a few years and these guys together are ALWAYS a great time. It seriously is always an honor for me to photograph people I know doing life together. Getting to capture their interactions and love in beautiful stills amazes me every single time. Anyway check it out, so much fun and so many pretties! 

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