Jessica Franklin for Forever21

Happy Saturday everyone!! So recently I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with my good friend @heygorjess and @forever21 for a fun and of course fashionable session.  We got to pick out our favorite outfits from the store and we added our own little twist by taking super amazing photos right in our area. I can go on forever about how great this was but I'd rather you just see for yourself. 



Kat Hernandez

Happy Wednesday! 

I'm so excited about this session. The COLORS! OH THE COLORS! They are so magnificent and it's everything I love about fall. I met Kat at a family BBQ about a year ago and it was a very simple hello & nice to meet you. Little did we know a year later we'd be working together and creating all this magic. Kat is not only a gorgeous model but she's also a talented makeup artist! We did 3 amazing looks, a bit of a 90's vibe going on and then we just slay you with the red. Well, have a look for yourself.