Quino Wedding

Happy Monday everyone!

So a while ago I met the most amazing and sweetest human ever, Megan. We were in the same sign language class in college and we just clicked. It was like MAGIC. Everything amazing is like magic. Long story short, some time later she asked me to photograph her wedding and gosh we are just totally gushing, red hearts, feels... so many of them! Her husband Lou is a charm and they go together like well.. In Megan's words "Jameson & Ginger ale." I've dreamed of shooting a gorgeous ethereal wedding for forever! Lucky for me it was my good friends wedding. & as if it doesn't get any better, I had Amanda Ferguson Brubaker help me capture all this goodness.

I have to say the bridesmaids and groomsmen of this wedding were like no other party I've ever met. They love they have for Lou and Megan seeped through everything they did that day. They were so helpful and went above and beyond for Amanda and I. Many many many thanks to you guys! You are the best ever!!

Okay so after the sweetest momma O'Sullivan helped Megan put her dress on, my bride decided to do the COOLEST thing in bridal history EVER. She did a first look with her bridesmaids, her father, and her husband. And with that being said, I'll just leave this here.

Yeah, our hurts basically burst of out our chests with emotion too. We get you.. it's okay.. take a moment.. Now as you'll see the details of this wedding were amazing. & one of my favorite things ever is the tattoo Megan has of her parents wedding portrait.

We finished the beautiful rainy evening with great music, great food, and lots of great people. We are so thankful and so excited about this wedding. Thank you to everyone who helped us through the crazy torrential downpour and to everyone else who made Megan & Lou's day extra special. Y'all are all gems. Much love and best wishes to the Quino O'Sullivan family.

**Special thanks to Amanda for shooting this wedding with me. ** Priscila Perez MUA


The Alcantara's Redo

Where do I even begin with this session. SIGH... All I can and should say is while editing this session I had to come back to life like 10 times because these two are so breathtaking. Vanesa and Ernesto got married four years ago and met a bit after that in Nyack NY. Now funny story about all this is that Vanesa is actually my cousin. Funnier story.. When I first met Ernesto, I jokingly told her she would marry him because he kept looking at her. Little did I know...

It was such an honor when they decided they wanted an #iredo session. Knowing them personally and constantly witnessing they love they have for each other is already awesome. However capturing stills of the love they have for each other was a whole different world. I've come to know Ernesto as a friend and cousin in law, & I'm so proud of the woman Vanesa has become. From living next door to each other until High School, to shooting her family session and now her redoing. Ugh ... SO MANY FEELS.

Seriously!? I mean I remember growing up with Vanesa and eating cheerios and orange juice all the time. (Which is the grossest thing ever but I wanted to be just like my big cousin so duh it was the best thing ever back then) Such a stunning young woman, a phenomenal mother and such a loving wife. So honored & excited to show you the rest! Oh and of course we did a first look. Even though it wasn't a first look because this was the dress she wore on her wedding day, Ernesto was just as excited to see her. (If not more)!

Did you see how excited he was!!? I was so excited I almost couldn't take the photo. AHHHH it was such a beautiful moment. We are SUCH HUGE FANS of first looks here.

We ended our evening at Ringwood State Park with a beautiful sunset and some impromptu silhouette shots that I am absolutely in love with. This was such a fun session and it's always amazing to bring a couple back to that day whether it had been a week ago or years ago.

For more information on how you can schedule an #iredo session shoot us an email hello@denissebenitez.com

lots of love!


**Makeup by Gretchen Romero

Benvenuto Family!

Okay so this family is easily one of my favorite families ever! I met the Benvenutos at the Tae Kwan Do where my nanny girls go. When I first met Jaclyn and her cubs she was expecting baby Sadie. Who would've thought, some time later.. baby Sadie is posing for the camera and giving us major face. I'm so happy to have been able to capture this beautiful family. I hope you guys enjoy!!

How beautiful are these guys? I absolutely loved my time at their home, and being able to capture these timeless moments of their family. Also, can we talk about their yard and all the beauty that they have orchestrated back there. Seriously I'm taking pointers for my own place. Thanks Benvenuto Family! You guys are wonderful!!


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